Gupt Daan

Gupt Daan is charity done in total secrecy with a sense of duty within it. Donation or charity done without others knowing is considered as the greatest donation of all. It is also performed as repentance for one's sins without pomp and show. Gupt daan is so secretly done than neither the donor knows he is giving nor the receiver knows he is taking. One thing, which is good in Guptdaan, is that the identity of the (donor) person is not disclosed hence the question of ego, social status or honour does not arise.

Your Gupt Daan will be used to feed poors, langars, paying medical and educational bills of needy.

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Through the secret of your horoscope we will enhance your luck by giving Daan in astrological ways

Consultancy of our expert astrologer to know what daan is best suited is not charged. Result will be emailed to you along with pictures of your daan being offered.