Daan is a deed of trust and devotion. Offer things as per your capability in full respect and devotion for your daan to be accepted.

It is not good to do daan without consultation. A good daan makes your life good but on other hand daan of wrong thing makes your life worst too. Many people are facing problems due to offering wrong things. It is said that donation to ineligible person is of no use. So it is very necessary that you should give things to the needed persons only and on auspicious time. Our divine pundits will guide you on whom, where, how and when to daan.

Astrology is the way we map our lives by the movements of stars and planets. Jyotish ,the ancient Indian system of astrology,says that planets represent energies that emit magnetic and electric fields which influence the lives of human beings. The horoscope is a map at the time and place of birth which shows the positions of the planets in relation to the person.

Through the secret of your horoscope we will enhance your luck by giving Daan in astrological ways. 

Remember  when you lift your hand to donate then the universal power give you the power and things to donate for the welfare of society. If you are able to perform any good work then do it without any loss of time. Human life is very important and precious too. Use it perfectly and fulfill your every good wishes.

Daan which you can do on your own or we do it on your behalf

Gupt Daan


Feeding Birds


Feeding Animals


Navagrah Daan