Lucky knot basket

Personalised Lucky Charms and Remedial Solutions for You. So that you can sleep, walk and live with divine energy

Divine knot consists of energized holy goods which are to be worn, kept in pocket and placed at home to bring positively and luck.

1. Small God Idol to be worshipped

2. Sambrani Cone / Dhoop

3. Written Personalised Shlok / mantra / Jaap recommended to be recited

4. Personalised Big framed energised Yantra to be placed on wall

5. Horse Shoe hanging for the entrance door (to ward off evil)

6. Om + Swastika + Trishul hanging for wall (keeping atmosphere of your home divine)

7. Rudraksh (do/teen /paanch mukhi) to be kept in pocket or worn as a pendant

8. Small Personalised energised pocket yantra (copper/ GOLD polish)

9. Tortoise in plate to be kept in temple or near door

10. Pure tulsi / lotus seed mala for jaap

11. Personalised Pendant

12. Horse shoe ring

Poduct Price : Rs.4550
Poduct Price : $ 75