navagrah dan

Navagrah Items To Donate / Daan

Every things in this universe is govern by any planets i.e. and suppose if any planets is generating malefic effects or if any planet is negative then it is possible to appease that planet just by doing proper daan of things or offering the items of malefic planet at proper place and in proper time. 

Daan which you can do on your own or we do it on your behalf

  • Planet
  • Things to Donate 
  • Time of Donation
  • Sun Or Surya
  • Molasses or jaggery, ghee, red cloth, ruby, copper, gold, red sandalwood, red flowers, calf with cow, wheat etc.
  • At the time of sun rise on Sunday.
  • Moon or Chandrama
  • Rice, Milk, Silver, Curd, Camphor, White flowers, conch, white cloths, Pitcher full with ghee. 
  • Tuesday Morning at the time of sunrise.
  • Mars or Mangal
  • Whole Lentil, Copper, Jaggery or molasses, red cloths, red sandal wood,coral,  red ox, red flowers,  
  • Time of Donation
  • Mercury or Budh
  • Green cloths, fruits, feed grass to cows, green lentil, emerald, money or dakshina etc.
  • Wednesday morning at the time of sunrise
  • Jupiter or Guru
  • Yellow cloths, Grams, turmeric, ghee, yellow sapphire or topaz, gold, sweet yellow rice, Laddu of besan, sugar, yellow flowers. 
  • Thursday Morning or evening to any brahmin or in temple. 
  • Venus or Shukra
  • Curd, diamond, camphor, kheer, white cloths, silver, milk, Decorative articles, Make-up kits to small age girls less than 9 years etc. 
  • Thursday Morning after sunrise.
  • Saturn or shanti
  • Black cloths, black sesame, Iron things, mustard oil, sesame oil, urad daal, blue sapphire etc. 
  • Saturday morning or evening.
  • Rahu or Dragon's Head
  • Lead, Blue cloths, Gomed or onyx, blanket, mirror, mica, Horse, blue flowers etc.
  • Wednesday evening is the good time to offer things of Rahu. 
  • Ketu or Dragon's Tail
  • Cat's eye, black sesame, oil of sesame, black flowers etc. 
  • Night of Wednesday

Some Auspicious Time To Donate Items of Malefic Planets:

Poornima i.e. full moon day, Amavasya or no moon night, Birth day, The day of master birth day, any auspicious occasions as per panchang etc.   Solar Eclipse and Lunar eclipse time is very-very good for donation.  Navratri is also a good time to donate things to appease planets and other powers.

Akshay tritiya is also a good time to get limitless benefits of daan.  Makar sankranti and adhik maas are another good days to offer things. 

Our divine pundits will guide you on whom, where, how and when to daan. Through the secret of your horoscope we will enhance your luck by giving Daan in astrological ways. 

Do Daan Today

Through the secret of your horoscope we will enhance your luck by giving Daan in astrological ways

1 week ($3) Rs 180
7 weeks (21$ ) Rs 1200
11 weeks (33$ ) Rs 1900
21 weeks (63$) Rs 3700
51 weeks (153$) Rs 9100