Jhandewalan Temple, New Delhi

The Jhandewalan Temple is an ancient Aadi Shakti Temple located in Karol Bagh, Delhi. The temple got its name during the reign of the Emperor Shah Jahan in light of the “Jandhas” or prayer flags offered by devotees to the Deity. The temple comprises an underground shrine, which houses the original idol of Maa Jhandewali and a ground level shrine that houses the main divine idol, along with the idols of Kali and Saraswati. 

Legend has it that the location of the idol was revealed to Badri Bhagat, an ardent devotee of Matarani, by the divine Goddess Herself in his dream. The temple was later constructed at the same location. The Goddess is also called as “Neeche Gofa Wali Mataji” by Her devotees.

Many festivals are celebrated in Jhandewalan Temple. On the occasion of Durga Puja and Navratra, a special Puja is organized. The temple is decorated with flowers and light. The temple's spiritual environment give peace of mind and heart to the devotees.

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