Kaal Bhairon Temple, Madhya Pradesh

 Lord Kal Bhairava is the manifestation of Lord Shiva who is said to oversee the time ahead. It is also said that the "Time lost is lost forever", so one should make a good use of time in Life. The Kal Bhairava Temple, in Ujjain is the place where Lord Kal Bhairava is being worshipped.  The Kaal Bhairon Temple in Ujjain has the dark-faced idol of Bhairon, known to cultivate tantrik practices.

Tantriks, mystics, snake charmers, and those in search of "siddhi" or enlightenment are often drawn to Bhairon in the initial stages of their quest. While the rituals vary, an oblation of raw, country liquor is an invariable component of Bhairon worship. The liquor is offered to the god with due ceremony and solemnity.

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