Shri Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Mumbai

 One of the most beautiful temples situated in Mumbai is dedicated to the elephant-head deity of Hinduism, 'Lord Ganesh'. Every day, over 25,000 devotees flock the temple to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh. Tuesday is considered to be the most important day for 'puja' and 'darshan' at this temple. 

The deity of Sri Siddhi Vinayak is carved out of a single black stone with the trunk on the right. The upper right and left hands of the deity hold a lotus and an axe respectively. The lower right and left hands hold a rosary (japmala) and bowl full of modak respectively. A snake resembling the sacred thread appears across the left shoulder of the deity to the right side of his belly. The deity has an eye on the forehead, which looks like the third eye of Lord Shiva. The deities of goddess Riddhi and goddess Siddhi are placed on either side of Lord Ganesha. Sri Siddhi Vinayak accompanied by goddesses Riddhi and Siddhi, blesses the devotees with happiness, success, peace and prosperity.
Sri Siddhi Vinayak is popular for granting all the wishes when humbly prayed with a sincere heart.

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